Is there something you want to change?

Make your work simple?
Always have complete shipping documents?
Avoid empty runs quickly and without complications?
This is normally a difficult thing to achieve

but we’ll make it easy for you!

taube The idea

To have all the shipping documents at the dispatch for delivery charging quickly, right after unloading the vehicle. Hey, we’ll even do it ourselves! That’s just a little joke.

Seriously: Haven’t you ever pondered how great it would be to be able to invoice your deliveries right away after each order and not have to wait until your driver’s arrived back from his day-long or even week-long delivery?

Not to have to wait for days for the documents you need for working out your invoicing, but instead to always have all the important documents for each order, complete, at your fingertips right away after the end of an order / a delivery?

Then start using easydooken right away! We’ll help you do just that, and all for under 10.00 EUR per month for each employee.

Why so cheap? It’s simple! This is because we’ve examined ourselves and we want to help the logistics companies of the world.

That’s all it is. The mystery’s solved


„easydooken is your partner for reliable transportation processing“

The implementation

On the so-called start page, you have a full overview of all your logistics company’s orders, employees and vehicles..

You can put your fleet, the freight drivers (employees) and your client list in the system. The system also gives you the possibility of creating your order templates yourself.

With a few clicks, you can create new orders, change the schedule, change vehicles or give the orders to a sub-contractor. As soon as an order or a delivery route is changed, the driver concerned who was assigned this order, is informed via a push notification on his app.

Various orders can be combined in delivery runs and separated again. If the deadlines are exceeded, the driver and the dispatcher are notified with a coloured indication.

After an order has been executed, it can be sent for archiving, along with all the documents, to the person responsible for invoicing by email, or printed by the dispatcher.

The shipper

The shipper could begin his delivery route without all the appropriate documents (normally he has all the documents with him). These documents must be provided as part of the order by the dispatcher. The shipper can, if necessary, have all the documents emailed and printed out at the loading site or faxed there. After the vehicle is loaded, the shipper takes photos of the documents (weighing slips, collection ticket etc.) and uploads these into the order under the category loading site.

Then the shipper drives to the unloading station. On arrival, he has the appropriated documents printed out from his order (as needed). After the vehicle has been unloaded, he photographs the unloading documents again (weighing slips, collection ticket etc.) and uploads them accordingly under unloading site. Then he confirms that the order has been executed and that’s it.

The dispatcher

By means of the status symbols, the dispatcher can always track the current status of each order or the delivery route. Once the order has been completed, the dispatcher sees that the system has designated the order as complete. He archives the order and can start right away with the invoicing for the order, with the aid of the documents uploaded by the shipper.   The order papers can be forwarded on as a printout or by email.


"Effectively safe time through digital technology!"


„You only need a few planes, conveyor belts, trucks and good people all around, who know what exactly they can do best the easiest way and at what time. That’s exactly what logistics is.“
Immo Dubies, German journalist (FAZ)