Our goal is to benefit you ...

easydooken helps you process and constantly track the status of your order from the planning (the dispatch from the dispatcher) through to the execution of the order (from the shipper).

Why should you choose asydooken for your delivery process?

Linse It’s simple...!
  • Test us for free and without obligation
  • Data security through SSL encoding
  • Flexibility and constant availability of your data
  • Simple processes and time savings for your dispatchers
  • Very competitive
  • Your time management solution
  • Rapid reaction times for your drivers
  • Easy, quick and independent
  • Save time and money
dokument Because flexibility is important to us

Exchange, alter or stop plans: possible anytime.

Would you rather set up a delivery process from your orders, or change the number of delivery processes or totally separate a delivery process: no problem.

You have control over your orders at all times. The driver is informed of the changes immediately by push on the app.
Flexible enough? We knew it. It’s almost too good to be true...

wolke Your benefit

Free test access. No stress.
Is there any more?

Okay, now you’ve got everything you need to simplify your delivery order process. But how can we at easydooken make it even more attractive?

Wait, we’ve got it! When your register for the first time (this excludes the test access), we’ll give you a credit for a fax budget to the amount of the account available. The budget can’t be paid out. It’s € 30.00 for the Starter Package, € 60.00 for the Basic package and €90.00  for the Premium Package. The credit is applied on a one-time basis after the first registration and can only be used for the fax function.